The Federal City of Bonn is a city on the banks of the Rhine and northwest of the Siebengebirge (Seven Mountains) in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with a population of 311,287 within its administrative limits. From 1949 to 1990 Bonn was the seat of government and de facto capital of West Germany. Since reunification, Bonn continues to serve alongside Berlin as the seat of government of Germany. The city is the second official seat and second official residence of the President of Germany, the Chancellor of Germany, the Bundesrat, and the first official seat and first official residence of six German federal ministries.

Bonn in The Hot WarEdit

Bonn served as the de facto capital of West Germany. With the outbreak of the ground war phase of World War III in February 1951, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer remained in Bonn, but relocated to a bunker. From here, he cabled U.S President Harry Truman, and begged Truman not to use atomic bombs in the western zone. Truman agreed to Adenauer's request.[1]


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