Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Videssos Cycle
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Yezd
Occupation: Envoy

Bogoraz was a Yezda. Described as having the appearance of Makuraner blood, he was sent as an envoy from Yezd to negotiate an alliance with the Gray Horse Arshaum. He underwent the ritual of Onogon's spell, stepping through the flames to bind his promise to bring no harm to the Khagan, Arghun

Because Onogon supported Videssos, Bogoraz poisoned him with hemlock, killing the shaman. Bogoraz was a capable and intelligent diplomat, but Arghun choose Videssos nonetheless--and Bogoraz attempted to poison the Khagan as well. Gorgidas sprang into action, saving Arghun's life, and Bogoraz was claimed by Onogon's spell, bursting into flames that did not burn anything else. 

Bogoraz's tattered coat was used as a standard by the Arshaum forces that invaded Yezd. 

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