Fictional Character
"Ready for the Fatherland"
POD: February 19, 1943
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Serb resident of Croatia
Occupation: Guerrilla

"Bogdan" was an agent of the Serb resistance movement fighting against Ustashi-controlled Croatia. In 1979, after Serbia's traditional ally, the Soviet Union, cut ties with the Serbs, Bogdan's group contacted the British government in the hopes that the West would become Serbia's new arms dealer. Bogdan met with two British agents, George Smith and Peter Drinkwater, one night in Rijeka, Croatia. After closing a deal to sell Bogdan various weapons, a group of Croatian Ustahi raided the meeting, injuring Bogdan before taking him into custody.

In truth, the Englishmen had set Bogdan up as a favor to Croatia's ally Nazi Germany, to secure access to German oil in the North Sea. The Soviet Union had recently been creating trouble in the Middle East, leaving British access to oil there uncertain.

Bogdan faced torture at the hands of Croatian authorities.

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