Bob is the short form of Robert, from the old German for "bright with glory". It arose later than Dob, Hob and Nob, which were medieval rhyming nicknames of Robert. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Bob may refer to:

Characters named Bob:

Bob (soldier), a US Army soldier and minor character in Settling Accounts: The Grapple.
Bob (Every Inch a King), a character in Every Inch a King.
Bob Crues, historical minor league baseballer referenced in "The Star and the Rockets".
Bob Feller, historical major league baseballer referenced in The War That Came Early: Coup d'Etat.
Bob Hope, historical comic actor referenced in Colonization: Second Contact and "News From the Front".
Bob Lee, a crime boss in Curious Notions, where the resemblance of his name to Robert E. Lee is noted.
Joe-Bob, a Camp Constitution guard, minor character in Supervolcano: All Fall Down.

Characters named Bobby:

Bobby Brock, fictional CS Army soldier, minor character in The Great War: American Front.
Bobby Fiore, fictional baseball-player-turned-guerrilla-fighter, a POV in Worldwar.
Bobby Lee, fictional Confederate Army officer, minor character in Settling Accounts: Drive to the East.
Bobby Veach, historical baseballer referenced in "Batboy".

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