Blue Haired Woman
Fictional Character
"Getting Real"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Avatar

One day in 2117 a Woman with bright blue hair and bright red eyes suddenly appeared in a Los Angeles police station. She had on a hot pink Victorian era dress complete with a bustle. Lt. Shapur Razmara assumed she was an avatar since it was unlikely she could have walked in unnoticed but he wasn't sure since it was L.A.

The Woman announced in a voice that suggested thirty years of cheap cigars that they had two hours, two and a half tops to get out of town. Some officers scoffed but Razmara realized that with the power out and phones not working it would be a good idea to heed her.

The Woman shrugged off the abuse and threw a dozen squares of Real around the squad room. As she did so, she said "Hey! Who wants to get Real?" She then thumbed her nose and vanished.

A blue square as bright as the Women's hair landed in front of Razmara. He stared at it for a moment as though it were an Ebola bomb or vest-pocket nuke and then started to leave. He convinced his partner to evacuate the station and to head out northward.