Bill's Big Burgers or BBB was a popular Glendale, California diner in the early 1950s. The mascot was "Bill" a fiberglass sculpture with amazing hair and dressed in green and white checked shirt and shorts. He clutched an enormous hamburger in his right fist and malt in his left. In addition to various burgers, fried chicken was also available. Customers could park and be served by carhops dress similarly to the mascot rather than go into the restaurant.

Aaron and Ruth Finch frequented the restaurant and sometimes brought their toddler son with them. One evening in April 1951, the couple left their son at home and stopped at the BBB before going to see The African Queen.[1]

Literary CommentEdit

Bill's Big Burgers seems to be based on Big Boy Restaurants which was founded in Glendale, California in 1936 as Bob's Pantry with the slogan "Bob's, Home of the Big Boy Hamburger" and named Bob's Big Boy when it began franchising. Similar to Bill's, Big Boy has a fiberglass mascot outside its restaurants (the eponymous Big Boy) with an outlandish cowlick and dressed in red and white checked clothing.


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