Bill is the short form of the Germanic male name William. This spelling was first used in the 19th century. The change in the initial consonant may have been influenced by an earlier Irish pronunciation of the name.

See also Willie.

In the works of Harry Turtledove the following characters have the single name Bill:

Bill (Bluff), a cat and minor character in "Bluff."
Bill (Days of Infamy), a soldier and minor character in Days of Infamy (novel).
Bill (Slave), a Copperskin slave and minor character in Liberating Atlantis.
Bill (Southern Victory), a ruffian and minor character in How Few Remain.
Bill the Bald, a Detinan General and minor character in The War Between the Provinces.
Blinky Bill, a BUF member and minor character in In the Presence of Mine Enemies.
Wilhelm II, historical German Emperor, who was nicknamed Kaiser Bill, and plays a background role in several Turtledove works, most notably Southern Victory, where the nickname is often used.

The following characters have the first name of Bill:

Bill Bennett, reporter, the POV of "Les Mortes d'Arthur".
Bill Bradford, a historical U.S. Army cavalry officer and POV in Fort Pillow.
Bill Clinton, a historical President of the United States referenced in "Before the Beginning".
Bill Frank, a US Navy cadet and minor character in the Days of Infamy series.
Bill Haywood, a historical labor union activist appearing in The Great War: Walk in Hell.
Bill Reach, a US secret agent in The Great War.
Bill Ryder, fictional U.S. Army soldier and minor character in Fort Pillow.
Bill Staley, fictional USAF co-pilot and POV in The Hot War.
Bill Tobin, a journalist and minor character in The Two Georges.
Bill van der Kirk, father of POV character Oscar van der Kirk, minor character in Days of Infamy.
Bill Williamson, fictional politician and POV of the State of Jefferson Stories.

The following characters have the first name of Billy:

Billi, Space Minister of the Namerican Empire in "Half the Battle".
Billy Cox, a soldier and POV in "The Road Not Taken".
Billy Joe Hamilton, Confederate Veterans' Brigades officer, minor character in Settling Accounts: Return Engagement.
Billy Hurley, fictional logger, minor character in The Hot War: Fallout.
Billy Joe McKennie, fictional US Army personnel, minor character in Days of Infamy.

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