Beverly Cravath
Fictional Character
Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Species: Human
Nationality: Citizen of Latimer
Occupation: Quantum-mantic
Spouse: Jack (husband)
Children: Sean (son)

Beverly Cravath was a human resident of Latimer on Lacanth C. She worked for a quantum-mantic outfit.  Her husband, Jack was a scooter dealer in the interspecies business district of the city. Not long after Beverly became pregnant with their first child, Jack sold a Model-27 two seater scooter to a Snarre't couple in exchange for a six-year old Snarre'i brain. After completing the deal, he went home to Bev. Jack subsequently sold the brain, with the cost of the scooter going into the firm's account and the remainder going to Jack. The Cravaths prepared on for the birth of their child, including a trip to the South Coast.

While the Cravaths made use of substantial prenatal care, the only concern came when a technician reviewed an ultrasound and described the child as "wiggly". The Cravaths did no follow up. The child was born was substantial deformities, indicating that somehow the Cravaths had been subjected to a Snarre'i hoxbomb.[1]


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