Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"The Man who Came Late"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Children: Two sons

Berthrada was a young woman who lived in the same small village that Alianora and Theodo made their home. One morning she went to the village well to draw water and to hear the gossip of the other village womenfolk. She had twin young sons that she brought with her to watch over. One did pick up a bug or piece of grass or some other bit of debris and put it in his mouth but Berthrada noticed, pulled it out and swatted his bottom. Ethelind, another townswoman, was about to recount the latest misadventure of Walacho, the village drunk, when Berthrada noticed a stranger had just come out of the woods and was approaching. She called out interrupting Ethelind's story and the group fell silent watching him come closer. Berthrada and the other womenfolk were surprised again when the stranger recognized Alianora and called her by name and that she recognized him and called him Holger, a near legendary figure from the war thirty years before.[1]


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