Bert Mooney Airport is a public airport located three miles (5 km) southeast of the central business district of Butte, a city in Silver Bow County, Montana, United States. It is owned by the Bert Mooney Airport Authority.

The airport name was changed in 1972 to honor Bert Mooney, an aviator from Butte who was the first to fly mail into Yellowstone National Park in 1935. Prior to this the airport was named Butte Municipal Airport (from its opening in 1926) and Silver Bow County Airport from 1960-1972.

Bert Mooney Airport in SupervolcanoEdit

When Kelly Birnbaum was rescued by helicopter from Yellowstone National Park just before the supervolcano erupted, the pilot flew to Bert Mooney Airport in Butte, Montana which was at the limits of his fuel load. Parked on the tarmac was a green Ford, which had been pre-arranged, so the geologists could drive on to Missoula where Daniel Olson lived. As they trotted to the car, the volcano erupted shooting a cloud of ash 100,000 feet into the air. The shock wave of the eruption arrived a few minutes later in the form of a massive earthquake followed by a strong wind and loud explosive noise. One, the other, or both caused parts of the terminal building to collapse and flipped one of the helicopters on its side but didn't harm the car. The geologists got in and continued their journey.[1]

  1. Eruption, pgs. 154-158.

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