Benjamin is a popular given name for males, derived from Hebrew בנימין translating as "son of my right [hand]", though in the Samaritan edition of the Pentateuch, the name appears as ࠁࠍࠉࠌࠉࠌ, "Binyaamem" 'Son of my days'. It is often shortened to Ben, and sometimes to Benny, or Benjy. Benjamin is also a patronymic surname.


Characters identified only as Benjamin

Benjamin (The Two Georges), fictional Son of Liberty, minor character in The Two Georges.
Benjamin (Next Year in Jerusalem), member of the Second Irgun in "Next Year in Jerusalem".

Characters with the first name of Benjamin

Benjamin Arthurs, fictional Royal American Mounted Police commander in The Two Georges.
Benjamin Barker, fictional plantation owner in Liberating Atlantis.
Benjamin Benveniste, fictional merchant in The United States of Atlantis.
Benjamin Berkowitz, fictional psychiatrist, minor character in Upsetting the Balance.
Benjamin Butler, historical U.S. general and politician who appears in The Guns of the South and How Few Remain, and is referenced in "Must and Shall".
Benjamin Disraeli, historical Prime Minister of the United Kingdom indirectly referenced in the novel The Two Georges.
Benjamin Frankheimer, fictional US general, minor character in In at the Death.
Benjamin Franklin, historical American inventor, ambassador, and politician, referenced in several Turtledove works.
Benjamin Goldman: A prominent character in The War That Came Early is a professor named Samuel Goldman. In the audiobook version of West and East (but not the other volumes), he is inexplicably called Benjamin Goldman.
Benjamin Halévy, fictional French soldier in The War That Came Early series.
Benjamin Hamburger, fictional character in the Southern Victory series.
Benjamin Harrison, a historical President of the United States referenced in How Few Remain.
Benjamin Legrand, fictional character in "The Haunted Bicuspid".
Benjamin McCulloch, historical Confederate General appearing in "Lee at the Alamo".
Benjamin Joshua Morris, fictional Atlantean lawyer in "The Scarlet Band".
Benjamin Robinson, historical U.S. Army soldier, a POV in Fort Pillow.
Benjamin Rubin, fictional Jewish partisan and minor character in Aftershocks.
Benjamin Wade, historical American senator appearing in "Must and Shall" and Fort Pillow.

Characters with the last name of Benjamin

Judah Benjamin, historical Confederate Secretary of State appearing in The Guns of the South and How Few Remain.

Characters with the first name of Ben

Ben (Atlantis), minor character in Opening Atlantis.
Ben Carlton, fictional US Army soldier in Southern Victory.
Ben Chapman, historical baseballer appearing in The Victorious Opposition.
Ben Jackson, fictional pirate appearing in Opening Atlantis.

Characters with the first name of Benno

Benno (The War That Came Early), German soldier, minor fictional character in West and East.

Characters with the first name of Benny

Benny Lang, a fictional Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging member appearing in the novel The Guns of the South.


benjamin (currency), slang for a U.S. hundred dollar bill, used frequently in Crosstime Traffic (series).
Benjamin and Levi Bank, business in "Though the Heavens Fall" in A Different Flesh.

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