Benedict Whateley
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"Nine Drowned Churches"
Fantasy Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference
Nationality: England
Date of Birth: Probably early 14th century
Date of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Clergy
Relatives: Sebastian Whateley (indirect descendant)

Benedict Whateley (b. early 14th century, d. unknown) was the bishop of Dunwich, England in the fourteenth century during the period when a series of storms sent most of the town into the North Sea.  His indirect descendant, Sebastian Whateley, owned a restaurant called the Cliff House in Dunwich in the early 21st century.   

When Alistair went to Dunwich, he learned about Benedict Whateley and had a meal at the Cliff House. He was somewhat unnerved to discover that there were Whateleys in England, as he'd come across the name on a trip to Dunwich, Massachussets prior to his England trip. The Massachusetts Whateleys had been responsible for the horror the town endured in the 1920s.[1]


  1. That is Not Dead, loc. 3520-3533.

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