Bell, in the works of Harry Turtledove, may refer to:

Characters known only as Bell:

Bell (Detinan), a North Detinan General, POV in The War Between the Provinces.

Characters whose surname is Bell:

Alexander Graham Bell, historical inventor referenced in How Few Remain.
Douglas Bell, fictional airman, minor character in Worldwar: In the Balance.
John Bell, historical politician referenced in "Lee at the Alamo".
Tyree Bell, historical Confederate General appearing in Fort Pillow.

Characters whose middle name is Bell:

John Bell Hatcher, historical paleontologist appearing in "The Green Buffalo".
John Bell Hood, historical Confederate General referenced in The Guns of the South.

Things named Bell:

The Bells of St. Mary's, movie watched by characters in The Man With the Iron Heart.
For Whom the Bell Tolls, novel by Ernest Hemingway discussed in The War That Came Early.
Liberty Bell, monument of the American Revolution appearing in In the Presence of Mine Enemies and Southern Victory.

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