The Belgian Army is the land-based service of the Belgian Armed Forces.
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After the end of the Cold War, forces were reduced, and the Army was retitled, the Belgian Land Component.

Belgian Army in Southern VictoryEdit

When the Great War began and Germany invaded Belgium in 1914, the Belgian Army fought the Germans but were forced back. With the help of the British, they were able to keep a small section of the country free right up until the end of the war. Their refusal to give in, and keep fighting till the bitter end against the much larger German Army was admired world wide, and they were often compared with the Canadian Army who were exactly in the same boat.

After the war, Germany made Belgium a puppet state and the army was made a subordinate to the German Army.

When the Second Great War broke out in 1941, the Belgian Army barely lifted a finger against the combined French and British thrust into the country, allowing the country to be liberated.

Belgian Army in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The Belgian Army was woefully unprepared for the German onslaught that came in the final weeks of 1938, and early days of 1939. Despite this, they were highly regarded by both the British and the French because of their tenacity from the last war.

However, as the BEF moved into Belgian, the British were dumb struck by the inability of the Belgian army to not only fight, but properly route fleeing civilians. Their disgust was further fuelled when the Belgian King threw in the towel and called it quits after only three weeks.

Despite their countries surrender, many Belgian units refused to lay down their arms and fled south into France to keep up the fight. Despite their sordid reputation, soldiers of the Belgian Army managed to help stop the German advance during the battle of Laon.

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