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Beggs is a city in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, United States.

Beggs in Southern VictoryEdit

Beggs is a town in Sequoyah. Substantial oil wells surround the town. Early in the Great War, Beggs was the site of a disasterous offensive which cost the Confederate States (including the Creek Nation) a substantial loss of lives in 1915.

With a successful joint Confederate-Creek effort to hold of the US advance on Okmulgee, Creek leaders decided to take back all of their pre-war territory back, and ordered the Creek Army to retake US positions around Beggs. Despite misgivings voiced by the Confederate troops, the substantial political clout the Creek had in Richmond won out. The resulting offensive proved to be a disaster for the Creeks and the Confederates alike. Among those killed at this battle were Hiram Lincoln, Moty Tiger, and Stephen Ramsay.

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