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Battle of Beauvais
Part of Second World War
Date March - April 1939
Location France
Result Decisive Allied victory
Franceflag France
Britain United Kingdom
Nazi Germany Flag Germany
Beauvais is a city approximately 79 km (49 mi) by highway north of central Paris, in the northern French region of Picardie.

Beauvais in The War That Came EarlyEdit

In late March 1939, the Wehrmacht was preparing to circle around Paris from the north. They approached the city of Beauvais from the south intending to drive through and breakout into the open countryside.

Just south of the city, near the village of Allonne, the Allies were waiting. French armour, backed up by British fighters, launched a successful counter attack by using tanks on mass, while the RAF provided close air support for the infantry. The counter attack was not only successful in stopping the German Advance, but it also forced them to retreat. When the battle was over, Paris had not only been saved, but so had France itself.

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