The Battle of the Durrwangen Bulge was an important campaign of the Derlavaian War, fought between Marshal Rathar of Unkerlant and the Algarvian Army. One of the largest battles of this war, it also included Plegmund's Brigade as part of the Algarvian offense, and the most powerful behemoth forces of either side. Launched as an offensive by Algarve aimed at destroying the salient in one of Algarve's patented maneuver battles that had proven successful hitherto, the offensive degenerated into a massive hammering death ride of the Algarvian behemoth forces that left both sides badly damaged, but Unkerlant could and did afford these losses, while Algarve could not. In this sense, the Battle of the Durrwangen Bulge was ultimately if not the decisive battle of the war as a whole, certainly the tipping point in the overall attrition struggle.

Literary Comment Edit

The Battle of the Durrwangen Bulge is partially based on the Battle of Kursk during World War II.