Battle of the Coral Sea
Part of World War II,
Date May 4 - 8, 1942
Location Coral Sea, between Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands
Result - Japanese tactical victory
- Allied strategic victory
USA48starUnited States
JapanEmpire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
USNavalStandardFrank J. Fletcher

RoyalNavyJohn Crace
USNavalStandardThomas C. Kinkaid
USNavalStandardAubrey Fitch
321px-Us army air corps shield.svgGeorge Brett

Empire of Japan flagShigeyoshi Inoue

Empire of Japan flagTakeo Takagi
Empire of Japan flagKiyohide Shima
Empire of Japan flagAritomo Gotō
Empire of Japan flagChūichi Hara

The Battle of the Coral Sea, fought from 4–8 May 1942, was a major naval battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II between the Imperial Japanese Navy and Allied naval and air forces from the United States and Australia. The battle was the first fleet action in which aircraft carriers engaged each other. It was also the first naval battle in history in which neither side's ships sighted or fired directly upon the other.

Battle of the Coral Sea in "News From the Front"Edit

Although the Battle of the Coral Sea saved Port Moresby from invasion by the Japanese, it saw the sinking of the USS Lexington, and the USS Yorktown severely damaged. 543 men were reported dead, along with the loss of a destroyer, a fleet oilier and 66 US planes, which was rather embarrassing for US President Franklin Roosevelt. Despite the US Navy insisting that the Japanese had taken higher casualties, many were no longer willing to believe anything the Roosevelt administration said as the truth.

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