Battle of Redwood Hill
Part of Atlantean War of Independence
Location Atlantis
Result Atlantean victory
United States of Atlantis Britain
Commanders and leaders
Victor Radcliff Charles Cornwallis
The Battle of Redwood Hill was an engagement fought in early 1777 during the Hanover campaign of the Atlantean War of Independence. The Army of the Atlantean Assembly was commanded by Victor Radcliff, and the British were commanded by Charles Cornwallis.[1]

The battle wasn't planned by either side. It began when Atlanteans captured a British lookout post on Redwood Hill, which was located not far outside of Hanover. The British fed more units into the fight to recapture the site, and the Atlanteans did the same. The British almost drove the Atlanteans off the hill when a timely arrival of an Atlantean field gun drove the attackers off with two rounds of canister. The British lost the will to fight, and retreated from the region, leaving Hanover alone for the time being. The battle allowed Radcliff to travel to French Atlantis to accompany the French expeditionary Force to the north.


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