Battle of Grisby's Field
Part of Atlantean War of Independence
Date 1777
Location Atlantis
Result Atlantean victory
United States of Atlantis Britain
Commanders and leaders
Victor Radcliff
Habbakuk Biddiscombe
William Howe
Charles Cornwallis
The Battle of Grigsby's Field was the first major Atlantean victory of the Atlantean War of Independence. It saw the death in action of British general William Howe and the elevation of General Charles Cornwallis to command of the British army in Atlantis. It also led to the Atlantean Assembly's Proclamation of Liberty.

Atlantean general Victor Radcliff had led his army into former-French Atlantis after Howe invaded the region. Crossing the Blavet River and moving his force away from the bridges leading back to English Atlantis, Radcliff's men foraged through the French Atlanteans' farms, leading to discontent but not producing outright rebellion. Scouts reported Howe's army moving west from the sea toward Radcliff's army, so the Atlanteans rested and prepared for action in the morning.

Then an Atlantean settler named Ulysses Grigsby led Radcliff to a formidable position commanding the approach from which Howe was expected to advance. Despite his skepticism toward a potential loyalist spy, Radcliff deployed his army in a fan-shape and prepared to receive Howe.

The resulting battle crushed the British army as Howe attacked Radcliff's center, and was in turn struck in both flanks by concealed Atlanteans. Major Habbakuk Biddiscombe's cavalrymen chased the British off the field, and at some point near the battle's end Howe was struck down by a ball and killed. Later that night British Lieutenant John Fleming arrived under flag of truce to collect Howe's body, as well as that of his brother. As the British officer did so, Radcliff and Blaise Black discussed the ramifications of their victory, both at home and abroad.

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