Battle of Bredestown
Part of Atlantean War of Independence
Date 1775
Location Bredestown, Atlantis
Result British victory
Atlantis Britain
Commanders and leaders
Victor Radcliff William Howe
The Battle of Bredestown was short battle during the Atlantean War of Independence. British general William Howe, fresh from his victory at the Battle of Weymouth, began marching on Bredestown. Atlantean general Victor Radcliff initially had no desire to engage Howe, realizing fully that he would face being cut-off should the British gain control of the Brede. However, Isaac Fenner, a politician from Bredestown, wanted the British kept out. Radcliff successfully convinced Fenner that he could not keep Bredestown out of British hands, but he could defend the town and retreat in such a way as to cause substantial British casualties. Fenner agreed.

Radcliff marched his field artillery, his riflemen, and a regiment of infantry from New Hastings to Bredestown, leaving the majority of his forces in New Hastings. General Howe engaged outside of town, driving back the Atlanteans through the outskirts of town, while the Atlanteans engaged in house-to-house fighting, using both riflemen and artillery. Although Radcliff had fully intended to the lose the battle, the cost was still substantial, as reports came that the British refused to take prisoners. Soon, Radcliff realized the time for retreat had come when one of his most aggressive soldiers, Colonel Dominic Whiting sent word that he could no longer hold his position. Radcliff conducted a successful retreat across the Brede, and then destroyed as many bridges as possible.

It was days later in New Hastings before Radcliff learned of how the attack's impact. A British soldier was carrying a letter from General Howe was captured. In the letter, Howe revealed the substantial cost the fighting had on his forces, and that he could not sustain many more such losses.

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