Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Videssos Cycle
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Khamorth
Occupation: Warrior

Batbaian was a noble Khamorth, the son of Targitaus, Khagan of the Wolves. 

He was, at first, a mere boy, but was captured during the battle between the allied Khamorth clans and Varatesh's outlaws. He was one of the prisoners chosen to be left with one eye, and lost only a single eye to the blinding. 

Upon his return to the camp of the Wolves his father, Targitaus, suffered a fatal stroke from the brutality of the prisoners' treatment. Days later, he and Viridovix were tending an outlying herd when Varatesh's riders massacred the survivors of the clan. 

After this, he grew into a purposeful and driven man, rarely speaking except when necessary. He and Viridovix were driven into crossing the Shaum river in the dead of winter, which they succeed in doing. Their tent was quickly blown away by the wind, however, and both would have frozen if the Arshaum had not happened upon them by chance. 

Batbaian was nursed back to health among the Arshaum, befriending them despite his people's fear of the other nomads. He fought in the battle between the Arshaum and Varatesh's bandits, personally killing Varatesh himself.  

After the battle, he resolved to return to Pardraya to set things right. He asked Viridovix to come with him, but the latter declines, opting to continue the pursuit of Avshar into Yezd. Viridovix predicted that Batbaian would become Royal Khagan. 

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