Townsend's big eared bat

Bats are flying mammals in the order Chiroptera. The forelimbs of bats are webbed and developed as wings, making them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. Bats do not flap their entire forelimbs, as birds do, but instead flap their spread out digits, which are very long and covered with a thin membrane or patagium.

There are about 1,100 bat species worldwide, which represent about twenty percent of all classified mammal species. About seventy percent of bats are insectivores. Most of the rest are frugivores, or fruit eaters. A few species feed from animals other than insects. Bats are present throughout most of the world and perform vital ecological roles such as pollinating flowers and dispersing fruit seeds. Many tropical plant species depend entirely on bats for the distribution of their seeds.

Bat in AtlantisEdit

The bat was the only viviporous animal native to the continent of Atlantis.[1]

John James Audubon found it peculiar, during his 1843 expedition to Atlantis, that the bats on the island spent more of their time scurrying on the ground than flying. His companion Edward Harris remarked that the bats in New Zealand behave in a similar manner. This set Audubon to thinking about the similarities between the two islands' ecological histories.[2]


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