Bardanes Philippikos
Fictional Character
Agent of Byzantium
POD: c. AD 583
Appearance(s): "The Eyes of Argos"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Occupation: Scout
Affiliations: Byzantine Army

In 1305 AD, Bardanes Philippikos was a scout in Andreas Hermoniakos' army on the Danube frontier. He and his partner Alexander the Arab were joined on a patrol by Basil Argyros, the former commander of the scouts, when the latter was demoted to private for cowardice.

Initially the patrol was carried out in an uneasy silence. After a while, Philippikos worked up the courage to ask Argyros what had caused him to fall out with the hypostrategos Andreas Hermoniakos. Argyros replied that he had shown Hermoniakos was in the wrong to take the merarch Constantine Doukas task for the failed battle they had just fought. After that, Argyros figured anything could have set off Hermoniakos' temper. Both Philippikos and Alexander expressed sympathy.

When they reached a tree lined creek that would make a good place for a Jurchen ambush, Philippikos, from habit, looked to Argyros for direction even though he was nominally his subordinate. Argyros suggested that he and Alexander circle the stand towards the south while Argyros go north. They would then ford the stream and meet up to the east of the trees. The two agreed and set out. However, they did not find Argyros. They rushed back but did not find any sign of an ambush and so Philippikos was forced to report Argyros as a deserter.