The Banished One
Fictional Work
Story: The Scepter of Mercy
Type of Appearance: Direct

The Banished One was a god who'd been banished from the heavenly hierarchy. He seized control of the lands of the Menteshe, south of Avornis. While he allowed some principalities to be ruled by men, like Ulash, he turning many of the people under his control into thralls.

While he'd been a threat for a long time, he began making himself felt in Avornis in the thirtieth year of the reign of Mergus of Avornis. Not long after Mergus learned that his concubine, Certhia, was pregnant with their son, Lanius, the Banished One appeared in the dream of Captain Grus, commander of a river galley, and cryptically warned Grus that he would fail.[1] Then he turned his attention to the unborn Lanius, using a witch named Rissa to attempt to curse him.[2]


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