The name "Baltimore Orioles" has been used by several baseball teams historically. The following are relevant to the works of Harry Turtledove.

Baltimore Orioles (American Association/National League), a now-defunct major league team which was a dominant force in the sport in the 1890s, under the leadership of John J. McGraw.
Baltimore Orioles (minor league), a historical minor league baseball team, most noted as the first team of baseball great, Babe Ruth. This team existed in OTL from 1903-1914, then moved to Virginia. A second team was created in 1916, and existed until 1953, when it too went to Virginia. As Turtledove's stories are typically set well before 1953, any references to the Baltimore Orioles probably refers to one of these teams.
St. Louis Browns, a major league team that moved to Baltimore in 1953 and took the name "Orioles" in OTL, where the team remains to this day. Most stories feature or reference the St. Louis incarnation (although in Worldwar, the Browns appear to have moved to Los Angeles instead of Baltimore).
New York Yankees, a major league team that started out as the Baltimore Orioles from 1901-1902 until they moved to New York City.

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