Baanes Onomagoulos
Fictional Character
Videssos Cycle
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): The Misplaced Legion;
An Emperor for the Legion
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Cause of Death: Combat
Occupation: Landowner, soldier
Political Office(s): Usurper to Avtokrator

Baanes Onomagoulos was a Videssian noble from the western part of the Empire. His estates were near the city of Garsavra. He had been a comrade-in-arms of the Avtokrator Mavrikios Gavras when the latter was an officer in the Videssian army and helped him in his claim to the throne. The two remained on good terms and Onomagoulos raised up militia forces from local peasantry to join the Avtokrator when he campaigned against the encroaching Yezd. He was on less good terms with Thorisin Gavras, Mavrikios' younger brother, whom he treated like a little child.

At the battle of Maragha, Onamagoulos' forces were badly damaged but escaped total destruction. Onomagoulos himself had been badly wounded in the leg in the fighting, but survived. This enabled him to fight on behalf of Thorisin's bid for the throne during the Sphrantzes Coup d'état. Even after Thorisin was crowned Emperor, Baanes continued to treat him as a "puppy", angering the already short-tempered Gavras.

The Yezda invaded the Videssian westlands so successfully that Baanes' own estates were soon under threat. Though the Emperor kept sending troops, Baanes always asked for more, finally angering Thorisin. The latter stopped sending more soldiers. This was the last straw for Onomagoulos, who had never taken the younger Gavras seriously, and he rebelled. However, he was promptly put down by the Great Count Drax, and killed in the battle against the latter's forces.