Avalon was the largest city in the State of Avalon, located on the west coast of the United States of Atlantis. It was founded by Henry Radcliffe in the 1470s, and quickly thrived. Two hundred years later, however, Avalon had become home of pirates who raided Atlantis and Terranova. The most infamous of these was Radcliffe's own descendant, Red Rodney Radcliffe. A combination of Dutch, English and Atlantean forces did away with the pirates in the early 18th century. However, its reputation for producing rogues died very hard.

During the Atlantean War of Independence, Britain hired copperskinned mercenaries to attack Avalon.

By 1843, Avalon was becoming a cosmopolitan city, with a publishing industry of some note. Nathaniel Hawthorne resided in Avalon. Avalon still retained the names of various cutthroats for its streets.[1]

In 1843, John James Audubon and Edward Harris stayed in Avalon at the Hesperian Queen before entering the interior of the continent. They dined with Audubon's Atlantean publisher, Gordon Coates.[2]


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