The Atlantean Charter is the document from which the government of the United States of Atlantis derives its legitimacy. It was written around 1781 by members of the former Atlantean Assembly meeting in the cathedral of New Hastings, the oldest human settlement in Atlantis. Upon ratification, it went into effect immediately.

The Charter is modeled primarily on the governing conventions of the Roman Republic.

Provisions of the CharterEdit

Structure of GovernmentEdit

The Charter calls for a Federal government consisting of a Senate and two Consuls.

The Senators represent each state, with the size of a state's delegation in proportion to its population in relation to the entire nation's. Slave populations do not factor into this calculation. Senators are not elected directly, but are chosen periodically by their state's Burgesses, who are elected directly.

The Consuls are chosen for a two-year term. They may serve up to three terms consecutively and up to five terms overall. Each Consul has veto power over the other, the Senate, and the bureaucracies of the federal government. The Consuls also preside over the Senate when it is in session.

In the event of the death in office of one Consul, the other shall have sole consular power until the next consular election.

In the event of the deaths of both Consuls, the Senate shall choose a single interrex to hold power until the next consular election. The interrex must be chosen by a two-thirds vote of the Senate.

Anyone who lays a hand upon the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate will be barred from the Senate chamber, even if he is a Senator or a Consul.


In time of war, both Consuls must authorize the Atlantean Army to take the field. The Consuls must leave the capital and take the field with the Army, where each Consul has overall command of field operations on alternate days. A senior Army officer will advise the consuls, and will issue supporting orders that operationalize the Consul's orders without contradicting them, but field command does not rest with the military.

The Charter makes no provision for a two-front war, nor for who holds executive authority in the political operation of the government while both Consuls are away from the capital.

The Atlantean Army may quarter soldiers in the homes of private citizens without their permission, even in peacetime.

Civil LibertiesEdit

Both the United States of Atlantis and the several state governments are permitted to levy taxes on private citizens and their entities.

Unlimited freedom of worship is guaranteed by the Atlantean Charter.

The freedom of the press is guaranteed by the Atlantean Charter.

Private citizens have the right to petition government officials for redress of grievances.

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