Arthur is a popular English man's given name, whose meaning is uncertain. It is popular due to its association with literary hero King Arthur. Diminutives include Art, Arte, and Artie. It is sometimes spelled Artur in continental European languages and Arturo in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Arthur may refer to:

Royals named Arthur:

King Arthur, legendary British monarch whose name appears in the titles of "A Massachusetts Yankee in King Arthur's Court" (in which he is a character) and "Les Mortes d'Arthur", and is less significantly referenced in other works.
Prince Arthur Albert, 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, historical British royal, referenced in The Great War: Breakthroughs.

Characters whose first name is Arthur:

Arthur B. Langlie, historical Washington Governor referenced in The Hot War: Bombs Away.
Arthur C. Clarke, historical Anglo-Sri Lankan writer of science fiction, referenced in "Hindsight" and "Vilcabamba".
Arthur Compton, historical American physicist appearing in Worldwar.
Arthur Conan Doyle, Scottish author who created Sherlock Holmes, the subject of numerous references and spoofs in Turtledovean canon.
Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet, historical Royal Air Force Marshal referenced in Joe Steele (novel).
Arthur McGregor, a Manitoban farmer with an important POV role in Southern Victory.
Arthur Seyss-Inquart, historical Austrian dictator referenced in The Man With the Iron Heart and "The Eighth-Grade History Class Visits the Hebrew Home for the Aging".

Characters named Art:

Art (Iron Heart), resident of Anderson, Indiana, minor character in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Art Fletcher, historical baseballer referenced in "The House That George Built".
Art Snyder, a space captain in "The Road Not Taken".

Characters whose surname is Arthur in whole or part:

Benjamin Arthurs, a police commander in The Two Georges.
Daniel MacArthur, a US Army General in Southern Victory. Turtledove states that Daniel is a fictional half-brother of Douglas.
Douglas MacArthur, historical United States Army General of World War II and the Korean War, appearing in numerous Turtledove works.

Places and things named Arthur:

Arthur (crater), a geological depression (formally known as Herschel) on Saturn's moon Mimas, and an important setting in "Les Mortes d'Arthur".
"A Massachusetts Yankee in King Arthur's Court", a Turtledove story featuring King Arthur as a character.
"Les Mortes d'Arthur", a science fiction story by Turtledove involving a geological depression called Arthur.
Siege of Port Arthur, historical battle of the Russo-Japanese War, referenced in The War That Came Early.

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