The Artesia NuMexers were a minor Longhorn League baseball team from Artesia, New Mexico from 1954-1955. Prior to 1951-1953, the NuMexers had been the Artesia Drillers. The club went defunct in 1955.

Artesia NuMexers in "The Star and the Rockets"Edit

Joe Bauman had played for the Artesia NuMexers (when they were still the Drillers) prior to moving over to the Roswell Rockets. While many in Artesia were bitter about that, the bitterness went on hold in 1954 when Joe Bauman broke the record for number of homeruns in a season.

By this point, the NuMexers had clinched the pennant. The NuMexers manager, Jimmy Adair, spoke to Bauman before the game and promised that the team would pitch to Bauman (this after the Big Spring Broncs had walked Bauman in a prior game). Bauman broke the record of 69, and set another of 72. The Rockets also beat the NuMexers in both games, although it did little to raise the Rockets' standing.

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