The Arisaka Rifle or sannpatisikihoheizyuu was a Japanese military bolt-action rifles, in production from approximately 1898 until the end of World War II in 1945. The most common specimens include the Type 38 rifle chambered in the 6.5x50mm Arisaka cartridge, and the Type 99 rifle chambered in the 7.7x58mm Japanese cartridge. Many thousands of Type 99s were brought to the United States by GIs during and after World War II.

Arisaka Rifle in Days of Infamy Edit

Fletch Armitage noted that the Arisaka Rifle sounded less robust than the then American standard M1903 Springfield. Although he noted that the ammunition the rifles used lacked the stopping power of the American rifles, he admitted that the weapon had proved plenty good enough.

Later, during the second attempt by the US Navy to retake Hawaii, American bombers destroyed most of the rifles the Japanese had stored, forcing them to use the rifles they'd captured from the Americans.

Arisaka Rifle in The War That Came Early Edit

The Arisaka Rifle was the standard issue weapon of the Imperial Japanese Army when World War II broke out in 1938.

Arisaka Rifle in WorldwarEdit

The Arisaka Rifle was the standard issue weapon of the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II and the Race Invasion of Tosev 3. Although a rifle and not very powerful, they nonetheless brought down Flight Leader Teerts' Killercraft. Teerts himself thought the weapon looked rather terrifying with its bayonet attached.

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