Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Videssos Cycle
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Arshaum
Occupation: Envoy
Affiliations: Gray Horse Arshaum clan

Arigh, Arghun's son was an Arshaum nomad. He was sent by his father, Arghun, Khagan of the Gray Horse clan of the Arshaum, as an envoy to Videssos the city, where he lived for several years. 

He became fast friends with Viridovix, as both were outsiders in the city. He returned to the yurts of his clan with the embassy sent by Thorisin Gavras to procure mercenaries for Videssos. On the journey, when Viridovix was kidnapped, Arigh reluctantly admited that the party must continue their original mission rather than be sidetracked in an attempt to rescue the Celt.

Arigh displayed a strong rivalry with Dizabul, his younger brother. In the intrigue with the embassies from Yezd and Videssos, he firmly supported allying with Videssos, and argued with Dizabul over this in front of strangers, earning a rebuke from Arghun. When he described Onogon's symptoms just before the latter's death, Gorgidas recognizes them as an indication that the shaman was poisoned with hemlock. 

Arigh's standing in the clan was elevated when Bogoraz, the Yezda envoy, was exposed as an assassin. He participated in the battle against Varatesh's outlaws, and upon Arghun's death arranged with Dizabul to split leadership of the tribe. Arigh took most of the warriors on to Yezd while Dizabul brought the remainder back to watch over the clan's herds. 

Arigh revealed himself as a skilled general in the campaign against Yezd, successfully sacking several towns and winning a number of minor engagements; however the army disintegrated as Yezda appeared in unprecedented numbers. With intelligence obtained from Marcus Scaurus and Gaius Philippus, Arigh navigated his forces back to Videssos and joined with Thorisin for the final battle against Avshar. Arigh is later a member of Scaurus' wedding party.

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