Argos (Greek: Άργος [ˈarɣos]) is a city in the Peloponesse Peninsula in Greece. Its population was 22,209 in 2011. The city has been continuously inhabited since before 2000 BC, and was a powerful city-state during the Classical era. Some Ancient Greek myths are set in Argos, most famously the story of Perseus.

Argos in "Miss Manners' Guide to Greek Missology"Edit

Argos was the birthplace of Perseus, son of Zeus and Danaë. When his grandfather King Acrisius heard a prophecy that Perseus would one day kill him, he had the young man chained to a sea cliff outside the city, and left to be eaten by a monster. However, Andromeda foiled this plan by killing the monster and rescuing Perseus. Perseus and Andromeda then flew on the sandals of Hermes above the city of Argos, and Perseus decided to test fate by hovering over the royal palace and dropping his broken chains from the sky, to see if they would land on Acrisius' head and kill him. Acrisius survived, and continued ruling Argos, so the two young people left for Mount Olympus.[1]

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