Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Videssos Cycle
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Arshaum
Occupation: Chieftain
Affiliations: Gray Horse Arshaum clan

Arghun was the chieftain of the Gray Horse Arshaum clan. A wily general and wise, just leader, he was the father of Dizabul (his younger son) and Arigh (his elder son). He sent Arigh to Videssos as a diplomatic envoy, and later received the embassies of Videssos and Yezd

After Arghun decided to ally with Videssos, Bogoraz attempted to poison him with hemlock, but the quick attentions of Gorgidas saved the Khagan's life. Arghun moved the Gray Horse along with contingents from many lesser clans south and east toward Yezd, and the force engaged in battle with Varatesh's outlaws on the Pardrayan steppe. 

The Arshaum were victorious, using a rain of frogs to frighten the Khamorth army into a route, but Avshar conjured a demon and sent it to successfully kill Arghun.

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