The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. Commisioned in 1806 to commemorate Napoleon's victory at Austerlitz in the manner of Ancient Rome's victory archs, it has been the center of several victory marches including the Germans after the Franco-Prussian War, the Entente after World War I, the Germans again in 1940 and the Allies in 1944 and 1945.

Arc de Triomphe in The Hot WarEdit

The atomic bomb the Soviet Union dropped on Paris in June 1951 landed right near the Arc de Triomphe.[1]

Arc de Triomphe in In the Presence of Mine EnemiesEdit

The Arc de Triomphe served as a model for the German Arch of Triumph, erected in Berlin after Germany emerged victorious from the Second World War. The German version was more than twice the size of its French inspiration.[2]

Arc de Triomphe in The War That Came Early Edit

The Arc de Triomphe was among the many Parisian landmarks that were damaged during the terror bombings that preceded and followed the defeat of the Wehrmacht at the Battle of Paris in early 1939. Alistair Walsh noticed a large lateral chunk missing, but the rest of the Arc still stood defiant.[3]