Fictional Character
Videssos Cycle
Videssos Series
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos worship
Occupation: Cleric, Healer

Apsimar was the senior priest of Phos in Imbros when the "Ronams" arrived. He was a strong believer in Phos and disdained the various heresies that had arisen over the centuries both within the Empire of Videssos and surrounding nations. He viewed the Khatrish and Thatagush belief in the Balance of Phos with contempt since it made Skotos as acceptable as lord as Phos. Likewise the Duchy of Namdalen's belief in Phos' Wager was hypocrisy in religious garb.[1]

Apsimar met with Marcus Scaurus, the leader of the Ronams, on Midwinter's Day to discuss these things with him and to caution him to not to fall into these misbeliefs. He also asked of the Ronams' beliefs and expressed distaste for the Olympian Gods Scaurus had described. However, he did approve of Scaurus' Stoicism school of philosophy comparing it favorably to the Halogai heathen beliefs which did lead to courage and justice, virtues in support of Phos.[2]

Scaurus was inclined to listen seriously to Apsimar since the priest had healed two of his most seriously injured men when they Ronams first arrived at Imbros. Sextus Minucius had been wounded by a spear thrust in the belly piercing his gut. Apsimar had placed his hands on either side of the wound and a "flow of healing" came. Scaurus noted at the time that his magical druid sword glowed as that had occurred. The magic left Minucius with a white and puckered scar to the left of his navel but well healed and he lived. The second Ronam had a chest wound that had collapsed lung which Apsimar also healed. He would have done more but the healing magic took too much out of him and he fell into a faint when he tried to heal a third legionary.[3]


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