Apalachee was a town in Georgia. It was established at the turn of century, and incorporated in 1907. However, by the 1950s, Apalachee had been deserted. It is essentially a ghost town, although Morgan County officials are taking steps to revialize some of its remaining buildings.

Apalachee in Southern VictoryEdit

A U.S. company led by Captain Hubert Rhodes and including Lt. Boris Lavochkin's platoon raided Apalachee in late 1943 right after they attacked the town of Good Hope. Captain Rhodes ordered his company to stop a mile out of town and had it shelled by mortar teams. This terrified and confused the residents into momentarily believing the U.S. forces were Confederate soldiers when they first entered the town. Once again, the U.S. troops indiscriminately killed civilians. Lt. Lavochkin shot up another filling station which exploded in a fireball.

The raid was so successful that it was repeated several weeks later. However, the U.S. column was ambushed on the road from Good Hope. This did little harm and only angered the soldiers so they attacked Apalachee with extra savagery.

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