The Angles is a modern English word for a Germanic tribe who took their name from the ancestral cultural region of Angeln, a district located in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The Angles were one of the main groups that settled in Britain in the post-Roman period, founding several of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, and their name is the root of the name "England".

Anglelander in Agent of ByzantiumEdit

The Anglelanders settled in Britannia when the Roman Empire withdrew its legions in the Fourth century (hence the Angle name of Angleland) eventually forming a kingdom. The Anglelanders succeeded in defeating subsequent invasions by the Saxons, the Norsemen and the Franco-Saxon Kingdoms.

The Anglelanders continued to rule Britannia into the Fourteenth Century due mainly to their effective navy. However, in 1315 their fleet suffered a major defeat when the Franco-Saxon navy used black magic to sink a score of ships. King Oswy learned that the Roman Empire had suffered similar defeats in Ispania where the Franco-Saxons used their magic to breech several fortresses.

He dispatched two agents, Wighard, one of his thegns, and Hilda, Wighard's niece and an apothecary, to try to discover the secret of the spells.