Andrew Crouch
Fictional Character
"Lee at the Alamo"
POD: December 13, 1860
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Soldier
Affiliations: United States Army

Andrew Crouch was a Union sympathizer from Texas. Originally from the Upper Midwest, he had settled in Texas during the Antebellum to seek his fortune. He became involved in a local militia group but had little use for the political radicalism of his comrades and commanding officer, Benjamin McCulloch, who had joined the Confederate secessionists.

During the siege of the Alamo, Crouch learned that Colonel McCulloch planned to launch a night-time attack on the Union garrison led by Lt. Colonel Robert E. Lee inside the Alamo. Crouch rode out in advance of the attack, and managed to sneak in and give a warning. He volunteered to stay and fight. Lee swore him into the U.S. Army for a term of one month at the rank of private so that he would be protected by prisoner of war status in the event of a Texan victory, and would not be abused by the comrades he'd betrayed.

During the attack, Crouch acquitted himself well, leading Lee's second-in-command, Major George Thomas, to suggest that Crouch might deserve promotion to corporal.

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