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The Andersonville prison, officially known as Camp Sumter, served as a Confederate Prisoner-of-war camp during the American Civil War. The site of the prison is now Andersonville National Historic Site in Andersonville, Georgia. Most of the site actually lies in extreme southwestern Macon County, adjacent to the east side of Andersonville. It includes the site of the Civil War prison, the Andersonville National Cemetery and the National Prisoner of War Museum. In all, 12,913 of the approximately 45,000 Union prisoners died there because of starvation, malnutrition, diarrhea, and disease, leading to the war crimes conviction and execution of Commandant Henry Wirz in November 1865.

Andersonville in The Guns of the South Edit

Lt. Colonel Henry Pleasants of the Union Army was one of many prisoners of war who were sent to Andersonville during the Second American Revolution. Since he was captured shortly before the end of the war, he didn't suffer much during his imprisonment in the infamous Confederate prison.[1]

Andersonville in Southern Victory Edit

The Confederate States built prisoner of war camp for officers near Andersonville, Georgia during the Second Great War. With time, the prison also came to be known as "Andersonville".[2][3] Its prisoners included Jonathan Moss, Nick Cantarella, and Monty Summers. An attempt by the prisoners to dig a tunnel in 1942 was foiled when a heavy rain caused the tunnel to collapse, revealing its location.[4] Later that year, a tornado breached the camp's perimeter, and several prisoners escaped, including Moss and Cantarella.[5]

In late 1943, the Armored Bear reported that the guards and the POWs had played a game of football.[6]


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