Anastasios Kyriades
Fictional Character
"Getting Real"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: United States
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Date of Birth: 21st century
Occupation: Police Officer
Spouse: Sophie
Affiliations: LAPD

Anastasios "Stas" Kyriades was a Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Dept. during the 2117 war with the Chinese. A long service officer, he had a stocky build with a fringe of white hair around his bald head and a very bushy white mustache.

Kyriades and his partner, Lt. Shapur Razmara, responded to a call of a Real user collapsed in front of a residence. Kyriades carefully collected the evidence including the bright green Real square and took the unconscious man to a holding cell in the station.

While waiting for the suspect to regain consciousness, Kyriades did paperwork. There was a sudden explosion across the street which knocked out the electricity and air conditioning. As the emergency lights came on, a recorded voice ordered the building evacuated. When he reached the street, he could see the Korean take-out restaurant burning with a fighter jet (piloted by Dmitri Gomez, who was killed on impact) tail sticking out of the roof. It occurred to Kyriades that the plane could have hit the station if it had crashed a split second earlier.

Later, Kyriades and Razmara interviewed the Real user. They didn't get much from him. The suspect was unexpectedly lucid and on his guard as Real didn't leave a hang-over. The user did enthusiastically explain how Real was more real than reality.

A few days later, Kyriades was again doing paperwork when the power went out. This time there was no explosion. His cell phone and digital watch also didn't work. Suddenly an avatar, a Blue Haired Woman, appeared and warned the surprised officers to leave the city, giving them two and a half hours before something bad would happen. The officers elected to head out.

Kyriades and Razmara headed north away from the ocean on foot since no vehicles worked either. They passed a bicycle shop and bought a couple of cheap bikes for a million dollars. While somewhat quicker, the crowds prevented them from travelling as fast as they would have liked.

When they reached Caltech, Kyriades glanced back, swore and stopped. He saw that the city was covered by what looked like a giant Pyrex bowl with the leading edge only eight blocks behind them. As they watched, lightning started to lash inside the bowl. Their cell phones began to work but only for calls outside the bowl. He was frustrated and frightened that he couldn't reach his wife. It meant she was trapped under the dome.

The U.S. Air Force attacked the bowl but it was impervious to missiles. One pilot was too eager and crashed his plane into it with no effect aside from a huge fireball. As Kyriades watched, U.S. Army tanks rolled up but their cannons were equally ineffective. He and Kyriades sat down in a park to await developments.