Amanda Driver
Fictional Character
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): Blood and Iron
In at the Death
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1923
Parents: Cincinnatus and Elizabeth Driver
Spouse: Calvin Washington
Relatives: Achilles Driver (brother)

Amanda Driver (b 1923) was the daughter of Cincinnatus and Elizabeth Driver. She lived in Des Moines, Iowa with her mother and grandfather, Seneca Driver. Unlike the rest of her family, Amanda was born in the United States rather than the Confederate States.

Her father missed some of her formative years. In the 1920s, he was held by the Kentucky State Police. In 1940 Cincinnatus had the misfortune to be trapped in Kentucky just before it was returned to the C.S., and was forced to stay with the onset of the Second Great War. While her father eventually returned in 1942, he opted to drive for the United States Army from 1943 through the end of the war. He returned home to participate in her wedding to Calvin Washington.