Alternate Generals III  
Editor Harry Turtledove
Cover artist Jeff Easley
Language English
Genre(s) Alternate history, humorous fiction
Publisher Baen
Publication date 2006
Preceded by Alternate Generals II
Alternate Generals III, Baen, 2006, is a collection of short alternate history stories, edited by Harry Turtledove. It includes Turtledove's own short story, "Shock and Awe".


  • A.M. Dellamonica, "A Key to the Illuminated Heretic"
  • James Fiscus, "The Road to Endless Sleep"
  • William Sanders, "Not Fade Away"
  • John Mina, "I Shall Return"
  • Harry Turtledove, "Shock and Awe"
  • Brad Linaweaver, "A Good Bag"
  • Mike Resnick, "The Burning Spear at Twilight"
  • Roland Green, "It Isn't Every Day of the Week"
  • Judith Tarr, "Measureless to Man"
  • Lillian Stewart Carl, "Over the Sea from Skye"
  • Esther Friesner, "First, Catch Your Elephant" (a Monty Python-style satire replete with humorous anachronisms, rather than proper alternate history)
  • Lee Allred, "East of Appomattox"
  • Chris Bunch, "Murdering Uncle Ho"

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