Alternate Generals II  
Editor Harry Turtledove
Genre(s) Alternate History
Publisher Baen
Publication date 2002
Preceded by Alternate Generals
Followed by Alternate Generals III
Alternate Generals II (Baen, 2002) is a collection of short alternate history stories, edited by Harry Turtledove. It includes Turtledove's own short story, "Uncle Alf".


  • James Fiscus, "American Mandate" (on Baen's website)
  • Michael F. Flynn, "Southern Strategy" (on Baen's website)
  • Harry Turtledove, "Uncle Alf" (on Baen's website)
  • Noreen Doyle, "Horizon"
  • Judith Tarr, "Devil's Bargain" (later expanded into a novel by this author)
  • Roland Green, "George Patton Slept Here"
  • Chris Bunch, "Tarnished Glory"
  • S.M. Stirling & Richard Foss, "Compadres Compadres"
  • Susan Shwartz, "And the Glory of Them"
  • R.M. Meluch, "Twelve Legions of Angels"
  • Joel Richards, "In the Prison of His Days"
  • Esther Friesner, "Labor Relations"
  • William Sanders, "Empire"

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