In 1945, the fear that German dictator Adolf Hitler and armed forces of the Wehrmacht would make a last stand in the alpine areas of Austria, Bavaria and northern Italy gained a great deal of momentum among the Western Allies in the closing months of World War II in Europe. In German this concept was called the Alpenfestung (Alpine Fortress). Although there was some German military planning for a stand in the Alpine region, it was never fully endorsed by Hitler and no serious attempt was made to put the plan into operation.

Alpine Redoubt in The Man With the Iron HeartEdit

In the wake of the German defeat at Stalingrad, Reinhard Heydrich was able to put into place a firm plan for a possible Alpine Redoubt in the event of the occupation of Germany. From here, Heydrich was able to mastermind the actions of the German Freedom Front even after the official end of World War II.