Albert is a masculine given name. Adalbert is the old Germanic form. It is derived from the Germanic words adal "noble" and beraht - "bright".

Characters known by the sole name of Albert:

Albert (Southern Victory), a USS Punishment sailor and minor character in Walk in Hell.
Albert (police officer), a San Atanasio police officer and minor character in All Fall Down.
Captain Albert, a fisherman and minor character in Return Engagement.

Kings and other royals named Albert:

Albert VII, Archduke of Austria, a historical Hapsburg royal appearing in Ruled Britannia.
Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, historical consort of the United Kingdom referenced obliquely in The Two Georges.
Prince Arthur Albert, 1st Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, historical British royal referenced in Breakthroughs.
Edward VII of Britain, historical Monarch of the United Kingdom known as Albert Edward, Prince of Wales in his youth, referenced in a handful of Turtledove works.
George VI of Britain, historical Monarch of the United Kingdom referenced in a number of World War II-related works, was known as Albert, Duke of York prior to his accession.

Characters with the first name Albert:

Albert Bauer, a fictional Socialist Party organizer in American Empire.
Albert Gallatin Brown, a historical American (and Confederate) politician appearing in The Guns of the South.
Albert Dieselhorst, a fictional Luftwaffe airman in The War That Came Early series.
Albert Einstein, a historical scientist who has a role in several Harry Turtledove works.
Albert Sidney Johnston, a historical Confederate general often posthumously mentioned in Southern Victory.
Albert O'Saurus, a "saurian humanoid alien" in "Someone Is Stealing the Great Throne Rooms of the Galaxy".
Albert Schweitzer, a historical theologian and missionary referenced in "Hindsight".
Albert Speer, a historical German architect and politician of the Nazi regime during World War II, who plays a role in several Harry Turtledove works.

Characters named Adalbert:

Adalbert Stoss, fictional Wehrmacht soldier in The War That Came Early.

Characters named Al:

Al (Hi, Colonic), a character in "Hi, Colonic."
Al (Of Mice and Chicks), an aristocrat in "Of Mice and Chicks."

Places names:

Alberta, Canada, province figuring in numerous works of Turtledove.
Albertville, Alabama, a setting in part of In at the Death.

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