The Agano River (Aganogawa) is a river which flows from Fukushima Prefecture to Niigata Prefecture in Japan. It is called the Aga River or the Ōkawa River in Fukushima. It is 210 km long with 7,710 km² watershed.

Agano River in Joe SteeleEdit

At the end of World War II, the conquered Empire of Japan became the U.S. controlled Constitutional Monarchy of Japan on the south part of the Home Islands of Honshu and the Soviet Union controlled Japanese People's Republic to the north with the demarcation being the Agano River. When President Joe Steele proposed a three-mile-wide demilitarized zone along the river between the two nations at a conference in Wakamatsu, Premier Leon Trotsky agreed without hesitation.[1]

Military personnel in the field from both sides would have monthly meetings by the Agano River to go over issues arising from the occupation. They would alternate, with one side crossing over in a low powered motorboat and then the other, the next month.[2] This went on until the outbreak of the Japanese War in 1948 with the sudden invasion of the south by the North Japanese People's Liberation Army from the north.[3]

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