Adler Cubicles was a company providing rentals of storage cubicles to the public. It was located in Georgestown across the river from Victoria. Colonel Thomas Bushell's investigation of the theft of The Two Georges led him to search the premises.

Bushell and his colleagues arrived at 7:11 AM which Bushell hoped meant good luck. He noticed that there was a large bald eagle painted on the front of the building which was another hopeful sign. Bushell cautiously got out of his steamer with his pistol drawn, as he feared the Sons of Liberty would have a concealed rifleman protecting the place, but nothing happened.[1]

Bushell presented the clerk that came out with a search warrant and proceeded to check each cubicle.[2] Each member of the party had a padlock key found on an arrested suspect. In single file, they moved from locker to locker each trying their key. Lt. Toby Custine found that his key opened cubicle 76 and inside was The Two Georges.[3]


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