Abraham Buford II
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Confederate States, 1861-1865
Date of Birth: 1820
Date of Death: 1884
Cause of Death: Self-inflicted gunshot wound
Occupation: Soldier, horse breeder
Spouse: Amanda Harris Buford (d. 1879)
Children: William A. Buford (d. 1872)
Military Branch: United States Army (Mexican War),
Confederate States Army (American Civil War)
Turtledove Appearances:
Fort Pillow
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Reference

Abraham "Abe" Buford II (January 18, 1820 - June 9, 1884) was a soldier and Thoroughbred horse breeder. Born in Woodford County, Kentucky, Buford served in the Mexican-American War. He joined the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War, reaching the rank of General.

The post-bellum years were not kind to Buford. After a series of financial and personal losses in the 1870s, he committed suicide by shooting himself on June 9, 1884.

Abraham Buford II in Fort PillowEdit

As Abraham Buford was, in the words of Charles W. Anderson, "raising Cain in Kentucky", General Nathan Bedford Forrest decided there was ample opportunity to attack Fort Pillow.

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